I have a grown daughter and two grandchildren living with me (grandchildren both under the age of 6). They have lived with me for 5 years and have maxed out my credit cards and IRA due to supporting them (she does not work at all) I now have to sell my house. She is refusing to move out until I "sink". Also since I told her about 6 months ago that I was going to have to sell my house since I will lose it as I am not able to afford it, she has been mentally and verbally abusive to me to the point that she said if I evict her that she will get a friend to "f--- up my house and car and to let my dog loose to get hit by a car. I have been held prisoner in my own house. I don't want to go home after I get back from a 12 hour day working 2 jobs but when I do I end up in my bedroom with a locked door. What can I do to evict her? This is in Florida.