Hi, my sister was shown the last page of a guardianship form that only said she was giving guarndianship of her son to her sons grandparents. The grandparents convinced my sister it was only in case something medical happened to to her son while in his care. She believed them and then signed and had notorized the form. Later, she was told there was a court proceeding (she did not even know about) that had already signed the grandparents as legal guardians of her son with "No limitations" which of course the grandparents filled out. So, without her complete knowledge she now has signed over FULL guardianship to them! Does this mean she does not have any parental rights because for over 6 months, they will only let her see her son one day a week... not a day more, ever. My sister is a good Mom and is completely fit to take care of her son. Is there also any way she can petition against this or terminate the order? She is looking for full custody, as the father was in complete acknoledgement of signing over his parental rights.