Okay so for the last 3 night I've been having dreams about my son's father. Mind you I'm engaged to be married. I haven't seen or spoken to him in a year and our son will be 1 on Friday. Idk if these dreams are from the fact that our son's birth is coming up or what. But in the dreams he comes to my son's birthday party and my fianc┼Ż flips out asking why is he here and that he was never around to begin with. Another dream I'm at my ex's house spending the night while he's living with his girlfriend. =/ The 3rd was the same as the first one. What could be causing these weird dreams... I don't know if it's a sign or what but it's making me uncomfortable. Before he decided he wanted nothing to do with our son he was around but he changed his mind... I said okay and went on with my life... It hasn't bothered me because my son deserves better and I know that so I let him go. But why all of the sudden am I having these dreams?