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  • Jan 5, 2012, 12:19 AM
    Which direction should I go
    Ok I get what you sayn but I still kind of do like him.. seems like he left me for this girl.cause now all of a sudden he has a gurlfriend the 2 weeks that we've broken up.. crazy right! I know I got to accept it and move on like he did.. but I just want to get him back cause he wrong just for leavn me like that and paying her more attention like I wasn't nothing... that's mmy problem I be needing.. somebody to talk to or a femal advice!/
  • Feb 1, 2012, 09:40 PM
    Well, if you know in your heart that you truly love him, you could make one last FINAL attempt to make amends. Contact him, and give him a sincere apology, and tell him how you really feel. BUT... you need to realize what you could be messing up. He's already with a new girl(she could be a rebound anyway), but you need to take into account her feelings also. I mean, you guys were over, he found someone else, and now you're going to try to destroy that.

    Or... you could just wash your hands of it, and say, it wasn't meant to be, and try like he did to move on. However, that doesn't mean jump into a new relationship right away. Sometimes that isn't always the best answer, especially if you aren't completely over your ex yet. Its not fair for the new guy/girl.

    Everybody moves on at their own pace. Whether you decide to approach him to make ammends, and if you fail or succeed at that, or you decide to walk on, and see where your time apart takes you, either way time will tell whether you guys were meant to be or not. If you guys end up finding your way back to one another, great! If you don't, do whatever you can to give yourself the time you need to move on, but don't allow yourself to wallow in your own pain. And don't try to intervene in the happiness of your ex's new relationship.

    There is a reason for everything. And maybe you'll find someone who is better for you. Yeah, it really does suck being told to move on, and it really is hard to let go and go through with it. But at the end of the day, if its what we must do, we bite the bullet and go through with it. Pain comes while you are in the process of healing. But you will heal with time. It just takes patience. Best wishes! I hope in the end, it works out for you. :)

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