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  • Dec 5, 2011, 04:07 PM
    Boyfriend working overseas, How can I make things easier for myself and my boyfriend?
    My boyfriend has had to move back home to work. Basically, so he can get some money together for a deposit on his own place back in London. It's overseas, so its both difficult and expensive to see each other. It's only 3-4 months, which in the bigger picture isn't really all that long, but he's only been away for a week and I'm finding things extremely difficult.

    We have a very close relationship and while I know he's only at the end of the phone, I find the little things difficult - Just seeing his face in person and having him there to comfort me. I've had a very difficult past few months in my personal life - family illnesses and deaths, and have also been having trouble with one of my housemates, and he has been my biggest support. I also don't want to lean on him too much while he is away, because he has a lot on his plate too. He hates not being there for me when I'm upset and I know its hard for him too.

    We have agreed to see each other for a couple of days a month, and while I know I'm lucky to have this time at least, it doesn't make things much easier.

    I am trying to keep myself busy, but am constantly aware that I am trying to distract myself. I'm a student and pretty broke so can't afford evening classes or anything like that. The evenings are the worst, and the weekends too.

    ANY advice would be welcome, especially if you've been through or are going through the same thing? X
  • Dec 5, 2011, 04:39 PM
    Heyy, it sounds bad to live that way, but if you really do like this person then it can hold stronger. Did you know in India some don't see their spouse for 4 months up to 3 years! But one India Man said "I dont care for how long their is intill i see her, but when i do, its like i re-fall in love with her, and that night its better than anything i can imagen" so he is saying even though he can't see her, when he does, its like time went by fast and you can forgive the person for being away for so long, its amazing what love can do (:
    SO. If you love him, you will forgive him, this time now might be hard, but when you see him and hug him, it will be like that pain never happened. TRUST ME.
    It even showed once on TV that most couples need a break to make their reletionship better, Weird huh? But keep yourself busy, try working out with your friends, have lots of friend time or family time, or work time! Because most people who have reletionships want time away from their lover just to look at that stuff or have time with other people, SO. Use your time as an avantage (:
    I really hope that this helps you<3 good luck (:

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