Yes, this is the situation. I bought a fan with the following wires: White, black, blue (down light) and gray (up light). I do not have a down light.

The junction box comes with a red wire, black wire and white wire.

There are two wall switches to control the light and to control the fan each separately.

I have pulled out my electrical meter and when the switches are on, my meter lights up with red/white and black/white.

I have tried putting the black and blue fan wires with the black junction wire and the white wire to the white wire and the gray fan wire to the red junction wire, but it does not work.

I have tried putting black to black, white to white and the gray and blue fan wires with the red junction wire and it still won't work.

My question? WHICH FAN WIRES GO WITH WHICH JUNCTION BOX WIRES! I am ready to pull my hair out. Is it possible that I need to put the black fan wire with the white junction wire and the white fan wire with the black junction wire? If so, where do the gray and blue fan wires go?

Thanks for your help on this one, as I am completely and utterly lost, but don't want to be dead! :)