of this past year I have been locking my 5 year old yorkie in his crate for the night since he likes to get up in the middle of the night and pee all over the kitchen. Well just for about a week now, he has been wakingup and crying between 33-5:00 for hours until I get up and either take him out of the crate, walk him then lock him up in the kitchen(which is where he is always when we are either sleeping or out) or I sometimes just ignore his cries. Well this walking him and letting him out still doesn't passify him. He will sit inside his cage still and cry even though its open. I have several nightlights in the kitchen for him, hmy blankets in his cage as always and a towl over the top too. I can't figure him out! Its getting louder and earlier it seems as time passes. And he's fine during the day, he roams wherever he wants throughout the house and as it gets dark we all lie in bed till we fall asleep then I put him in his cage. Well like clockwork 4 or so hours later he's up crying!
Im losing it here! Hes like a freakin newborn! There's nothing wrong with him because he's been to the vet and current and clean. So please any suggestions, and don't say put something with my smell or a hot water bottle in his crate because he's way too smart for that and he'll probably just pee on it anyway! Lol