My husband and I moved from Miami to Pembroke Pines last December after 2 years in an apartment. Our chow chow who is 2 years old and initially weighed about 40 pounds lost approximately 10 pounds after the move; she was extremely thin. We tried giving her all brands of dog food without success. The vet suggested mixing a can of Science Diet puppy food with her food and it worked for only a little while. After that she would not eat any more dog food so I started boiling chicken (which she loved) and mixing it with white rice and I was able to fatten her up to her old self. After my husband's sudden death on August 29th and move back to my native Puerto Rico she has once again stopped eating and was shedding abnormally. I took her to the vet who weighed her at 33 pounds and decided to stimulate her appetite by giving her a cortisone shot along with prednisone tablets for 6 days, vitamins and Nutrical paste. She has gained a couple of pounds but continues to be VERY finicky and only wants to eat meat or chicken and some rice but will not touch any type of dog food. Some days she will eat only if she is hand fed!! Please help with ideas and ways to help her back to eating dog food. Thank you.