my dog has been bleeding from his penis for about a year now on and off obviously lol I orginaly took him to my vet and after about 350 dollars for urine test x-rays and stuck his finger up his butthole he told me he doesn't know what it is? Put him on antibiotics and he was fine up until 3 months ago where he has had this happen twice since each time I put him on the antibiotics the bleeding stops.. he continiously dips urine spots on my floor but the blood is only often, painful for him to walk at times as well... he also has very swollen glanes under his jaw and in the neck area? I do feel some swelling in the upper shaft area as well?? The vet recommends he be neutered which would help the hormons from swelling the prostate he may have? Does this make any sense and what should I do? What could be wrong after all these tests with no answers? He's a very loved but sick dog :( Zeus is a 7 year old blue nose pit bull... please someone give me some direction here?!