My dog started acting strange two days ago -- he is an older dog and usually doesn't do much, but he seemed to be doing even less. Then he started not eating breakfast, but he ate dinner for two days. On the third day, he was very week and wouldn't eat AT ALL (not chees, rice, turkey, chicken noodle soup, chicken broth, the works). He did drink a little water, but not much. I took his temperature at this point and it was 106.4!! I called the emergency vet (ofcourse this is after hours on a weekend) and took him straight in. They hooked him up to an IV with fluids and a broad spectrum antibiotic and also gave him something for pain. He stayed like this from 8pm to 4am, and his temperature came down to 104 -- then it started climbing again. They did all kinds of blookwork, etc, on him and said that it raised more questions than answers. I don't remember all of the veterinary terms, but one thing that puzzled them was that his white blood cell count was not elevated. Basically, they don't know what's wrong. They are guessing maybe some kind of tick disease (Lyme, Rocky Mountain?) or possibly cancer. He is still at the vet and his temperature is maintaining itself around 105. He is 12 yrs old, Beagle/Lab mix. My bill is already in the $750 range and I really can't afford it (I have another dog that just had TPLO surgery on both hind legs --- it's been a very expensive year for me with dogs). I'm trying to hold of on more tests/xrays/etc until tomorrow when I can get him to my normal vet (with normal prices) -- but I'm so worried. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? He has been at the vet for 26 hours with IV fluids/antibiotic and really not much has changed.. . Of course he's staying tonight as well -- but they aren't doing anything differently.? Any ideas, or information, or anything would be really appreciated.
Thanks so much.:confused::confused::confused: