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  • Oct 25, 2007, 12:32 PM
    Do beagles smell?
    I have recently decided to get a beagle puppy... there is just so much negative things I heard about them... Is is true that there is a certain smell on a beagle even is you are planning on housetraining it and not letting it go outside only to do his business? I also heard that they can be stubbord and hard to house train. If anyone out there that has this experience I would love to hear from you.
  • Oct 25, 2007, 12:59 PM
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    Of the many dogs I've had in my life, 2 have been beagles. One was Boagie, and he was quite a pain in the butt. Very stubborn. Hard to potty train. Ate everything. I was very young when we got him and he passed away when I was in my teens. Part of his problem could've been that he was one of my parents' first dogs and perhaps they didn't do such a great job training him to start. The 2nd Beagle I had was a rescue dog from the pound, Lady. She was my dog that I got when I moved out. I had a much more pleasant experience with her. She was stubborn as well, but manageable. She listened well enough and was housetrained and leash trained. She did bark a lot when outside in the backyard. You know, that beagle howl. I got a kitten and named him Tramp shortly after I got Lady and they were 2 peas in a pod. See the pic below. They're great dogs all in all though. But I'm a sucker for animals and I'll say that about any dog :) I do not ever remember either one being smelly. A dog is a dog and will be a little stinky but nothing extreme from beagles. They make great family pets as they are good with kids and other animals (even cats as you can see :D ) Try these sites. They're a reliable source of info. p.s. the pics are crappy because they're actually polarids that I scanned onto my computer. But I cherish them, because Lady passed away and Tramp I think will never be the same.
    Beagle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    American Kennel Club - Beagle
  • Oct 25, 2007, 01:05 PM
    Yea I think they do smell a little, it depends on your nose though and over time you probably get used to it. Its true they are stubborn, that may be bad for house training but they are overall very good, friendly dogs.
    Make sure you know what your getting yourself in to before you get a beagle, if you have a friend who has one ask them if the dog can come over to your house for a bit, talk to them about manorisms (sorry if I spelled that wrong :-) )
    Beagles really do make good pets, every breed of dogs has its downfalls.
  • Oct 25, 2007, 03:26 PM
    I understand all the hounds tend to have more smell than many other dogs. I must admit my beagle experience is all long ago when nobody knew that much about dogs. I have been very successful with Labs feeding a decent chow, brushing regularly, and seldom if ever giving them a bath. My 14 year old Aster hasn't had a bath since she returned to live with us 4 years ago. If she did have a problem, surely when I take her to carry in dinners, somebody would say something.

    As for the housebreaking and other training, a strong willed owner using good techniques should be able to manage. When it comes to dogs, the world is crawling with experts giving faulty advice. Compare what you will find in the sticky at to what you see elsewhere. Labs can be difficult too.
  • Oct 25, 2007, 08:33 PM
    While others have commented on your questions, I will point out that most of the hounds are very active dogs that do best when they get a lot of exercise. Is that going to fit in with your lifestyle? If it's not, you may be setting yourself up for a more difficult experience than you would with a different breed.
  • Oct 26, 2007, 10:35 AM


    6. Do Beagles have a hound odor?

    The typical house beagle does not have any noticeable body odor. The one exception might be an unspayed female during her estrus cycle, due to the vaginal discharge. In general, unless your beagle finds something odiferous to roll in, the family companion hound is a clean and pleasant smelling character. Dogs will often develop an offensive odor quite often if anal glands need expressing or if they are on a food too low in fat content.

    Usually, when we hear remarks about a smelly beagle, it is one that has been housed outdoors, and continually runs through or rolls in urine and feces or other interesting scents. To a beagle, these odors can be somewhat appealing. But this is clearly different from any natural body odor of the hound.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Beagles
  • Nov 5, 2007, 03:02 PM

    Originally Posted by prince2041
    I have recently decided to get a beagle puppy...there is just so much negative things I heard about them...Is is true that there is a certain smell on a beagle even is you are planning on housetraining it and not letting it go outside only to do his buisness? I also heard that they can be stubbord and hard to house train. If anyone out there that has this experience I would love to hear from you.

    I have a Beagle. She will be two years old in Feb. I heard a lot of negative things about the breed too, but I still thought they were so cute. I love my Beagle. She was hard to train at first, but with the right method, she is doing a lot better. In addittion, she doesn't smell either, I give her a bath about once or twice a month. I think that when I first got her she had a bit of a hound dog smell, but the more you groom them it will go away. I promise. Good luck a beagle is a great dog to have!
  • Nov 6, 2007, 07:54 AM
    I had a beagle growing up. She was my best friend. She was a stubborn as can be and maybe smelled a bit more but I wouldn't change her for the world! She would be able to find my ANYWHERE I went. Their noses are amazing. And those ears... I mean come on now. The only one thing that my beagle did that I wish I could have stopped was the howling at night. I think if she got more exercise during the day she would have slept better. But if they don't I don't know about all but mine loved to howl into the night
  • Nov 6, 2007, 08:17 AM
    One point I might make. All the pendent ear breeds tend to have ear infections. So if any otherwise well groomed dog has a odor problem, smell the ears. If so, a simple course of antibiotics from the vet will be much more effective than a bath. In fact, baths are a leading cause of ear infections. Brush, brush, brush.
  • Nov 6, 2007, 12:39 PM
    My dog is 1/2 beagle and she has no smell other than that of any dog. Her biggest problem is her hound dog nose! Like any beagle, she wants to hunt and chase animals into the woods. Believe me, any dog will stink after they've run out into the mud and rain of a wooded area!

    Overall, they are great dogs but not meant for everyone. They have a tendency to howl and bark. They can be stubborn, but mine is easy as pie.

    And don't forget... every dog has its own personality.
  • Nov 6, 2007, 12:43 PM
    Not to mention rolling in dead animal carcases or feces.
  • Nov 7, 2007, 03:07 PM
    I always had beagles growing up and I never noticed any smell other than the good ole "dog smell" until we got our most recent one. She has the funkiest smell! Her feel smell like fritos! I'm not kidding... its the weirdest thing.

    other than that she doesn't smell... she just loves to roll in things in the yard which obviously makes her smell bad.

    she wasn't at all hard to train either. When we got her she was incredibly mistreated and flea ridden and I don't remember her ever having accidents in the house, even when we got her hardly (once she figured out where to go out).

    LOVE beagles! Enjoy! =)
  • Apr 5, 2008, 03:38 PM
    Do Beagles Smell?

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