I am so distraught over this, I'm actually contemplating getting rid of my dog. He's a nearly 8-year-old full bred Bichon with a serious marking/peeing problem.

We moved into our new house in September of 2007, and have NEVER (after he was housebroken as a puppy) had a problem with "accidents" or marking in our home. In our new house, we have pergo floors throughout (which would lead me to believe he wouldn't be able to pick up the scent of another dog if the previous owners had one). Since the day we moved in, he began marking (hiking his leg) ALL over our house. On the island, on all of our chairs, and other various places. I thought this was an exclusive territorial thing, so we began closing him in our bedroom (where he sleeps in his bed on the floor) when we would leave. We would come home to puddles on our bedroom floor and on the corners of the bed. So, we bought a crate. Being a pet store dog (in my opinion), he would simply poop or pee in the crate, and instead of having a puddle to wipe up, I'd have to give him a bath every time we came home. So, we ditched the crate after many months of the same thing.

NOW, we have a six-month-old little girl. When she was first born, I would wake up in the night for feedings, and he would hike his leg on her bassinette RIGHT in front of me. If I go ANYWHERE during the day now, he pees on her toys and all over her exersaucer. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! As far as punishment is concerned, I've always heard vets say you can't punish them for something they did earlier. But, at this point, I bring him to it, push his head down so he can smell it (not rubbing his face in it), yell, smack his butt, and put him outside. What can I do? I can't take it anymore, and I for sure can't take him urinating all over my daughter's things. Any help is truly appreciated.

By the way, we've had him to the vet three different times for extensive testing and there isn't a thing in the world wrong with him medically.