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  • Aug 28, 2003, 06:18 PM
    asus p4p8x 865p mb & P4 2.4/800fsb
    Help, I got a new motherboard and processor, the P4 2.4/800FSB and the ASUS P4P8X 865P board, now the board is only a 400/533mhz FSB but is made to overclock to run with the processor(the asus web site goes into great detail) but I can't seem to get the board to hold cmos settings when booting up I get an error messages "overclocking failed please enter setup and reconfigure your system" only problem is it won't go into windows if you enter setup. The only way to get into windows is when the error message is shown hit f2 "load factory defaults" that will get me into windows. But that erases all the settings so you have overclocking failure again. See the circle Im stuck in. Any help please... (I know the board is OK because Im on my second one with the same results) but the guys who sold it to me insist its intended to work togather so what am I doing wrong this should be that hard??
  • Apr 11, 2004, 03:38 PM
    asus p4p8x 865p mb & P4 2.4/800fsb
    Hey man I had this problem with the same setup. The problem is with the memory you're using they are probably PC2100 dimm's these are too slow for the overclocking. In this case you have to go into Jumper free configuration in the BIOS settings and force the memory to 266 MHz. Then set the overclocking to 175. If my memory serves me right. In any case you can play with the settings in the Jumper free config until the error message disapears. It worked like a charm on my system. All so make sure that you use only memory that is certified by ASUS on their page, I tried memory not posted there and all heck broke lose on my system.

    Also check the manual available from ASUS. You will see that when overclocking to an 800MHz CPU FSB, the system supports only DDR400 (PC3200) DIMMs due to chipset limitations.

    The following FSB/DDR ratios are not supported by ASUS: 400/333, 400/400, 533/400.

    These are the ones recommended by ASUS: 800/400, 533/333 or 266, 400/266.

    The only work around I have seen is the one I suggested. In this case I slowed down the CPU FSB speed in order for the memroy to be able to communicate on the bus.

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