Couldn't sleep last night... Watched the overnight FOX people.. Heard 'em discuss the granny being thrown over the cliff video. BOY, were they pissed off at the Democrats... How could they lie like that??

Then they discussed Ryans plan - and I became aware that they have NO CLUE what the Ryan plan is about. Really - NO CLUE!! They talked about how the old person is going to be "empowered". They asked what was wrong with vouchers... They said Ryan was going to privatize Medicare, and of course, private industry can offer services BETTER and CHEAPER than the government... They talked about all the CHOICES that an old person would have under the Ryan plan. They talked about all the ADDITIONAL services that would be available under the Ryan plan that aren't available now...


Yes, they talked about this old guy who will be "empowered" with his fistful of vouchers, but they mention NOTHING about the fact that there will be NO insurance companies willing to sell him insurance.

Now, I understand that the Ryan plan is being introduced to SAVE money. It's NOT being introduced to give seniors BETTER care. The fact is, the Ryan plan will transfer much of the cost of senior care to the senior himself. THAT is what saves the government money... IF the Republicans want to talk about it THAT way, I'd complain, but I wouldn't call 'em liars...

But, they ARE LIARS... That's just so.