Inspector Clouseau brought down a bakers dozen of indictments yesterday against Ruskies working out of St Petersburg .(taking bets right now on the chances of ever getting those charged onto US soil).The charge is that they dressed up like American snowflakes in pajamas, in their mother's basement ,and covertly set up front groups on social media to organize rallies for and against candidates Trump and Evita . This is deja vu all over again . It's like we are in the Cold War Again .It's like some KGB guy is running Russia . Oh wait that's right ...there is a KGB dude running Russia.

This is not collusion . It is called desinformatsyia .

Also wondering if any of these are the same Ruskies the emperor expelled Dec 2016 ??

Quick show of hands . How many people here changed their vote because of a Facebook or Twitter ad ?