Not surprisingly, Trump has entirely missed the point of deterrence. Retaliation is promised as a response to prevent the other side from ATTACKING.

NOT when the other side threatens. With his incredibly stupid "fire and fury" comment, Trump has put this nation in the desperate position of retaliating when the North Koreans THREATEN, which they have been doing for over 50 years. Trump has drawn the red line in the wrong place, and the world trembles at what this madman may do. If he backs down, he encourages North Korea. If he follows through, it's Armegeddon.

Previous administrations with their so-called "strategic patience" have managed to avoid a resumption of war all those years. Not a bad strategy. Trump, in a single ill-advised moronic comment, has undermined decades of attempted diplomacy - at the precise moment when North Korea has achieved nuclear capacity, however minimal.

It is time for Trump to go, before it's too late.