In case you guys missed it, the president of Penn State, the Athletic Director and a third top exec have all been sentenced to a combination of 2 or 3 months jail time followed by another few months of house arrest.

I'm not even sure their lack of action was criminal, but it was surely a gross failure in their responsibility of watching out for children - a responsibility every adult has when it comes to children even if they're not his. Paterno and Sandusky of course are also included but their sentences have been carried out.

I still think Penn State should have been banned for life from intercollegiate football for such a terrible failure from the top role models of the university. The players, faultless, could easily have been found schools elsewhere. But Mammon raised its ugly head and ruled again over every principle a great university is charged with as its primary function.

Unfortunately, this is not atypical of what much of American culture has degenerated into.

This Thursday I pray that Jim Comey will strike a blow for decency and integrity.