The thought police are hard at work blasting this 1st op-ed in NY Times by Brett Stephens . Not only that ,they are punishing the Times by cancelling prescriptions ,for daring to publish anything that questions climate orthodoxy. Stephens said that the point of his column was "to help the climate-advocacy community improve the quality of its persuasion". But his very mild critique is being condemned by the climate cult . Of the criticism ,Stevens says "I am by no means an expert in climate science, and I take it as fact that the earth is warming, perhaps dangerously so. Nor am I infallible: Human fallibility was my very point," he said. "That said, I have reasonably good credentials in writing and reading. Clearly some of my critics need remedial education in these basic subjects."

Stephens was raked over the coals by Trump supporters during the election for being a 'never Trumper ' . Now he is taking fire from the rabid left . A petition at '' already has almost 29,000 signees calling for Stephens to be fired.