I know we have discussed the Ferguson case before but this has taken a nasty turn

Michael Brown's mother: 'This could be your child' - CNN.com

It becomes obvious that anytime you don't like a court decision you take to the streets and protest. The officer involved here has been found guilty in the court of public opinion even though a Grand Jury found he didn't have a case to answer. So the point becomes a question of the victims character, was he the neighbourhood hood he appeared to be? Or the lovely child his parents thought him to be? That question doesn't appear to have been answered but the accusation has been made that his character was assassinated. It has been brushed aside, tarred with the stink of racism. Other questions surround the treatment of the victims remains.


When did it become racist to apprehend a suspect or call into question the actions of a teenager. I wonder how a black police officer would have acted in these circumstances?

How do you define racism? Discrimination or something more, Is it disliking the actions of a specific group of people? Will the father be charged for inciting a riot. There are deep cultural questions to be answered.