social problems versus social responsibility theme. Which theme is best supported by social structure, social process, social development and social conflict? Why? These arey thoughts I would like your oppion.
The social process depend on the process of interaction between individuals and society for their power. This theory assumes that everyone has the potential to violate the law and criminality is not an innate human characteristic. This theory also states that criminal behavior is a learned interaction. Therefore holding to the social problem theme. Social conflict is society is made up of diverse groups and each group has its own rules. Conflict between the groups is unavoidable, based on differences. The theory further discusses that the balance of power is the root of this that law is a tool of power and furthers the interests of those powerful enough to make it and allows those in control to gain what they define. Therefore supporting the social problem theme as well. Social structure cannot predict with individuals will turn to crime, it states that a large majority of people grow up in inner city, poverty ridden areas etc, while it is true that people living under such conditions may become criminal there is also a large portion wont turn to crime, therefore supporting to some degree the social responsibility theme.