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  • Sep 12, 2020, 01:32 PM
    How long does the DA have to indict in Clayton County Ga.?
    Hello, This maybe long but I want to be fully understood on this. My fiance was arrested Oct.10,2019 on a vop warrant, he was at a hotel, not registered there just getting a ride from someone who had a room there, US Marshalls swarmed in and arrested him on the warrant. He was booked in sent to the back and 6 days later he was taken to booking and fingerprinted for VGCSA. He was searched before arrested and had nothing so how do they come back 6 days later and charge him with something that was found on someone else that did stay in that room? It wasn't found just laying around, it was in a woman's purse, she was arrested as well and has been to court pled guilty, sentenced and been released and is now on he run.
    However I hired an attorney,paid him totally off and he says the investigator has the file. Now there is no file at all and attorney has to get police report to see what's going on.
    Marcus went to court on the vop and told Judge Mason he had a paid attorney, but the judge said " he's not here so we are going with the attorney already here", now how can he do that, Marcus was sentenced to 2 years consecutive!!!!! Are you kidding me, unbelievable... I never knew there was a railroad depot running thru the county offices like this... Is any of this legal?? Can I sue the attorney for my pyment back bc he has done absolutely nothing to earn it. I have done more on this case than he has.
    What are our options or do we have any? Who can I contact to look into this injustice?
    Thank you for your response,
    Mrs. Mack

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