I attended a party at an apartment complex about two weeks ago. The day after the party someone who lives in the apartments discovered a small black 35mm film canister on the ground under some hedges. It contained a small amount of meth split up in 2-3 small baggies. When I say small amount I am talking less than a gram total weight for everything in the canister. It was turned over to the management of the apartments where she contacted the local narcotics investigations unit of the police department. It is very possible if not likely that my fingerprints would be found on the baggies and the canister. However, the items would also have prints from at least a few other people who also attended the party. Some people (not legal experts) have told me that I could face a variety of felony charges ranging from possession of a controlled substance all the way to child endangerment. Needless to say I am very nervous and scared and part of the reason is because I have a prior conviction on my record for possession of narcotics. My question is should I be worried about this? Is this enough evidence to charge me with a crime and if so what crime(s). Fingerprints would prove that my fingers had touched the drugs, but not that they were mine, and they must realize anyone of a number of people could have placed the canister where it was found. Unfortunately there were some people at this party that I donít exactly trust and could possibly try to pin this on me. In fact if questioned by police they may even say the canister was mine. What do you think are the possible consequences that could result from this? If they canít file charges is this enough for them to get a search warrant for my house? The police have not contacted me about this situation yet and all the information I have is gossip and speculation from various people. One of the rumors is they are waiting on a fingerprint check to come back. How long would that take? Please help me by first telling me the truth and then hopefully putting my mind at ease. Finally, all of this took place in the State of Texas. Thank you in advance to those of you that offer me feedback on this matter.