In 2008 I was arrested and charged with 3 felonies and a misdemeanor. In the end, 3 years later, they amended it down to a class d felony charge, with no conviction, and I was put on pre-trial diversion. After a 5 year probation, which is up in 2016, I have been told it all goes away like it never happened. I want to be a high school teacher, and am currently in school and have about a year and a half left. I have already spoken with several people, even my old probation officer, and they have all advised me to request an early termination of my probation so I can have a better chance at finding employment once I finish my degree. I am worried that my arrest record and the fact that I was charged will show up when they do a background check when I apply for teaching jobs. If anybody has any correct information on whether this will hold me back, please let me know. I am in the state of Kentucky.