For quite a while know an unknown male follows me to different places such as my local reservoir, a swimming hole in the woods, etc. I usually here him when I'm alone or very little people around. Quite often the woodsy areas that I walk run and swim I here him say "come on"' like he is talking to his dog(I herard a dog bark once or twice he has one), or call my name out while hiding in the woods. During last winter, I thought that I saw a dark figure crouch in a linebacker stance in the woods off the trail I was walking on. At first I thuoght I was never going to finally spot the guy , but I finally did a few weeks ago. It was almost dark I was walking up the trail to my reservoir when I heard crunching of leaves in the woods coming towards the trail. I was ready to say hello to my friend Larry thinking it was him. My friend larry likes to relax in the woods off the trail at times. It wasn't Larry. It was a man in dark blue t-shirt, jeans , couldn't make out face and hair, bacause as soon as he saw me walking up he turned around and went back in the woods. He is still spying on me and this summer I have heard him say stuff outside under my window when I'm in my room or taking a shower , like "come on, comeon"(talking to his dog?) or calling out my name. I don't think he works. But I do thinks he owns a vehicle cause the places I freuqent are 6or7 miles a part. Does this man sound like a harmless but obessed voyuer or a pyscho killer? To an unbiased audience, how in danger do I seem?