Okay, as most of you know I live with my boyfriend and he has a 9-year-old daughter. Well, lately we are having some huge issues with her, and neither of us know how to fix this. I will make a laundry list of this weeks occurrences, and hopefully someone can shed some light on why she is doing the things she's doing and how we can redirect her and make her realize she is just getting herself into more trouble.

So background-young single dad, full custody. She, who we'll call Sarah has no relationship with her mother (her mother's choice). He's had custody for 5 years, before that she lived with her grandmother.

So, this is what our week has looked like:

  • She cut the cat's whiskers, and trimmed the dogs tail fur. And lied about it. And is not allowed to have scissors without permission.
  • Took SIX hours to do a project because she was watching TV when we weren't looking. She was at the kitchen table with her back facing the tv, if she were in her room she would have just been playing with toys. She's not ADD, she's a third grader in fourth grade classes doing sixth grade work. She's in mostly advanced classes. She was procrastinating.
  • When she cleaned her room she shoved all toys under her bed and then put all her clean clothes in the dirty laundry.
  • She went into my room (which she knows she not allowed in unless invited) and played in my makeup. Wore makeup to school. And lied about it.
  • She told her teacher that her father REFUSED to help her with her homework and that he was mean and yelled at her when she asked for help. All of which is untrue. When the teacher called and Sarah was confronted, she lied.
  • She woke up in the middle of the night the other day and ate an entire carton of ice cream, and lied about it.
  • She wakes up before everyone else and watches cartoons, when we turn on the tv and it's on nickelodeon and we ask her why she was watching tv while grounded, she lied and said she wasn't.

I don't understand the lying. It's been explained to her many times that if she just tells the truth that she will be in a whole lot less trouble.

What's the deal, help us!!