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  • Mar 2, 2010, 05:54 PM
    What should I do with a child's ear piercing gone wrong?
    Got my 8 yr old's ears pierced at least 9 months ago or so, and she only changed earrings once. She complains the sites still hurt and when we removed these, the hole bled and looks "cruddy" for lack of a better word. We are leaving them out but it looks all built up in the back. What should we do?
  • Mar 6, 2010, 10:59 PM

    What do you mean it looks all built up in the back? It sound like she might have an infection. Were the earring backs on too tight? How often did she clean them? Are you cleaning them now?
  • Mar 8, 2010, 08:33 PM

    Sounds like these are not healed yet. Did you take the earrings out and clean them and the ears each day after they were pierced??

    We take a syringe and fill with alcohol or perioxide, then shoot this through the earring hole. It should actually shoot out the other side, not just drizzle down the side you are starting from.

    Also wipe the front and back of ear with same, and soak the earring in the same while working on the ear. Put the earring back in, and be sure to do this in the morning and at night. I can't think this would take more than 10 days to get healed and dried out.

    If it is turning into a health crisis, you may need antibiotics from your physician, but I think above should work, if you are able to do it several times/day.

    If there is a scab on the back of the ear, or front for that matter, you can use some triple-antibiotic cream before putting the back on. Should help it not to stick, and heal at the same time.
  • Mar 31, 2010, 11:08 PM
    Wish she would let us, now she just refuses to put them back in and I'm lucky if she lets me clean her ears where the peircings were. Thanks for all your suggestions, and yes it is a bit "scabby" in the back of her ear peirce site. I guess not everyone was meant to have earrings...
  • Mar 31, 2010, 11:53 PM

    What kind of earrings are they? I can only wear the "sensitive solutions" or real gold earrings for more than a few hours at a time. If I wear anything else for more than a few hours my ears begin to hurt.

    I would leave it up her if she wants to try putting the earrings back in or not. But regardless, her ears still need to be cleaned and a triple antibiotic cream was a great suggestion, with or without the earrings going back in. you're her mom, she doesn't get to decide if her ears will be cleaned or not, you do.

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