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  • Oct 19, 2007, 09:52 PM
    People say that high school is the best time in your life pshhhh.
    Right now, it has been the most stressful. Here is my schedule
    English 3 H
    AP French
    AP US

    The thing is, is that only one of my teachers believes that we have lives outside of school, so on average I have about 3 hours of homework a night, with about 4 quizzes a week. I am intelligent and all, but still. Plus on top of homework I have an after school activity, and the ACT coming up. So on average I get home about 6 is then do my homework then sleep, that is my normal day. So why do they say that you don't know stress until you enter the "real world," maybe its because as a teen you don't have to worry about bills, but hello, when I get my car I will have to add a job on top of my load, to pay for insurance, and I already have to pay for my cell phone, plus I will have to buy my car. So lets just say I know what stress feels like. Anyway, anyone have any form on stress relieving activities that I could do over a weekend to help me out?
  • Oct 19, 2007, 09:57 PM
    Try yoga. There are online instruction sites for simple poses or take a course at a Y.

    Or try deep breathing. Here's a site:

    Deep Breathing, Progressive Muscular Relaxation & The Relaxation Response - Relaxation Techniques from Mind Tools

    You don't know what stress is like until you get to college. Then you're on your own. Sink or swim. Many sink.

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