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  • Jul 9, 2004, 08:27 AM
    My baby jinx (queen)
    Hi, my 15month old cat had her first litter 3 weeks ago and seemed absoloutly fine, then a week in she wouldn't move out of the box with them all day, I got a little worried lifted her out of the box and she just fell over, when I took her to the vets she had a temp of 106 and he put her on a drip for the day, when I went to collect her he said she had a mass in one of her mamory glands, turned out to be a severe infection,she ended up with a large hole in her stomach where a chunk of flesh died and cam away,the vets said he had never seen it in a cat before usually in colts and cows, fortunatly with TLC her wound is nearly cleared up now, but she has had a return of a raised temp and gone back on antibiotics. Will she ever get completely better from this and is it something I could have avoided?? :'( PS: the kittens are wonderful she is fantastic with them :D
  • Jul 18, 2004, 06:51 PM
    My baby jinx (queen)

    She should eventually get completely over her problem unless there is cancer involved.

    I wonder if she could have been bitten by a brown recluse?

    Anyway, infections of the mammary gland happen quite often. It's good you discovered the problem before something worse happened.

    Hope she gets well soon.


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