My lights turn on my dash board "battery" "break" and back "tail lights" when I turned on the car sometimes it turns off and then thiers times it stays on all the time .
I had an old battery and I thiught this was the problem since the car left me on the freeway once... I put a new battery in and thought this would help and it did for the first day or so and the light turned on againg... afterwards the head light and all lights inside began to dim slowly until the car ran slowly and sort of forcing its self to run and then tugging to the point of stoping slowly and having the car die on me... I had my brother bring me a new battery and it started right up and yes the same dash borad lights came up and it ran good on the freeway for about 15 miles and once I got home near a stop sign it began to slowly die forcing it self to some what move slowly and then loose power and die... what could be wrong my problem?