Have a 92 Honda Accord LX, 5 speed trannny. Recently the battery charge light has been coming on, indicating a charging problem. Checking the battery charge voltage during these episodes, it measures around 14.6 volts of charging. Had a shop look at it and they also concurred that is a reasonable charge rate and the charge light should not be coming on. It's an intermittent thing and seems to do it when the car warms up and during very hot days. Racing the engine when this happens(charge voltage still remains about the same), the light may go out for a half a minute, and then it comes back again. This charge light is definitely a false indication of a charging problem. The alternator does have a sample output which, as I understand it, feeds an Integrated Control unit. My dilemma is how do I pin this on the alternator or something beyond it? At $300 for a replacement alternator, and I hate to think what the Integrated Control unit costs, I had better be sure before I buy either. As in most cases, electrical parts are non-returnable. Anyone have any ideas?