Was intermittent at first, would die when I was coming to a stop and would take a second to start back up and really pumping the gas pedal after it fired up. It would not start back up one time, got it towed to the shop and the mechanic quoted me $770 for a new fuel pump :/ so I told him I would tackle it myself, replaced the fuel pump and still, same problem. No fuel at the fuel rail. Replaced the filter, filled it with gas, and it fired right up, running off that fuel in the filter for a minute, but no gas is coming from the pump. Blew through the fuel line to make sure there was no obstruction, swapped the fuel pressure regulator and no difference, bypassed to main relay (fuel pump relay) and connected jumper to #5 and #7 on the main relay connector, and when I turn the ignition switch on and test from under the back seat, on the connector to the top of the gas tank, the yellow wire to the positive and black to the negative, I only read 7 volts. The third wire (greenish) reads 12.5volts. The manual tells me the yellow is the fuel pump wire. Also I have checked the relay for continuity, but I do not hear it click when I turn the ignition, and I don't hear the fuel pump but I have put TWO new fuel pumps in since it broke down (my mechanic told me the first one I bought could just have been bad when I bought it new). Also the check engine light is on when I turn the key, solid, and stays on (also the oil light), I tried to jump the blue connector under the glove box (service connector or whatever) to read the CEL code but it stays solid. Could this be a bad ECU? Could a bad ECU cause no fuel pressure?