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  • Oct 28, 2013, 03:45 AM
    Blacklist in the philippines
    please I need help with this, I came to the Philippines April with a tourist visa to attend a programme but unluckily for I was denied entry because of incomplete documents regarding the invitation I had,bt I asked if I could come bck with d document and d immigration officer said its okay,so next morning I was deported to my port of origin,so I came back May with my document and I was stamped in, after d programme I so,I wish I studied in PH so I started my conversion to student visa, bt to my greatest surprise when going home October to my home country to get the student visa I was held by d immigration office telling me I can't be stamped out,because on a blacklist,I was surprised bt after much questions I was told it was because of my first entry that was why I had my name on BLACKLIST,so I ended up in there detention center after which I was deported again starting another BLACKLIST, now 2BLACKLIST... please help can this be lifted and how? I will appreciate your reasonable answers

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