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    May 22, 2010, 02:46 PM
    My son and I were planting flowers today behind my house along our garage. I was pulling up an old rotted tree stump and out rolled a metal ball. It's about 2.5 inches across and pretty heavy. It's magnetic too. This tree stump was also surrounded by pieces of flagstone that I dug up. Under the stump I also found an extremely hard pinecone and what looks to be a meteorite. We are renters and know nothing about this house, other than it's approximate age. We live in a part of Toledo, OH that is known for it's Victorian homes. South of Toledo is Fort Meigs and there were many other forts along the Maumee River. I have no way of knowing what this metal ball is but my son and I sure would like to believe it is from a cannon!
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    May 22, 2010, 04:52 PM
    Hi, rightbrain79!

    I'm not sure, but it could very well be from a cannon!

    If it is, that would be pretty cool!

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    Sep 28, 2010, 06:52 AM

    Before Capping off, I would see if it could be used. I have a 1 1/2 inch underwater camera on 150 ft of Coax would be perfect to explore with.
    These can also be Time Capsules, Anything that falls or is thrown down there will not likely be retreived.
    I would at least lower down a large magnet.
    One thing though, it will want to stick to the pipe.
    I had to put a Magnet in a piece of PVC to stop if from attaching to the side of my cast iron vent pipe that was clogged. It did pick up rust scales, but nothing like the shop vac with several extensions duct taped together, through the roof vent.
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    Sep 20, 2013, 11:46 PM
    I found an old fob watch in my paddock :P still have it.
    I have several old pocket watches (100+ years old) but this one had a different thing. It is an extra layer or something with a picture of a woman with a wreath on her head made of leaves. There's a couple of pictures of what I soon found out to be (after a bit of research) pictures of old coins.
    It also has written in french: fabrication suisse (and below that) remontoir perfectionné
    This translates to: Swiss manufacturing (and below) advanced winding

    There is also three letters (not sure if its initials or something) in separate little triangles, J, W, D.
    The watch is brass and did not rust (thank god! ) but is (unfortunately) rather eroded on the back. I tried my best to clean it up (it came with the clock inside, though the face was missing and the insides were very rusted). The front will not click back into place and has been squashed a bit so it is dented on the front, making it unable to close while the clock insides are still in. also, (I forgot what its called) the clicky thing that usually sits above the watch itself and is used to open it when you check the time is also gone :(
    My brother got a fob watch for christmas (as did I) from my grandmother, who said that the watch she gave my brother was her great great grandfathers and the watch she gave me was my great great great great great great grandmothers (lol). My brothers fob watch is from the same company, known as Waltham. They are an american company and I found quite a bit of info on them through research. My house is over a hundred years old and we find amazing stuff all the time.
    I recently cleaned a knife and fork from the same set and the handles are probably silver. I've also found heaps of beer bottles, rusty wire, square headed nails, other pretty bottles, spark plugs, newspapers.. etc. we have this massive collection alone with old marbles and stuff.
    Another one of my favourites is a pair of glasses I found in the same paddock the watch was in (there was an older house before mine which got pulled down. I find bits of wood from the house and fences all the time. I recently found some old pipes which were of no relation to anything working for my house. I also found a shirt there too O.o). It was cool with the glasses because one of the lens' was actual subscription and really blurry (I don't wear glasses but I could not make my eys focus with them on or anything!) and the other lens was not actually a lens but just a bit of glass! The glasses were, unfortunately, broken in half and I spent half an hour trying to find the second half. They're slightly rusty and both lenses are broken (one is cracked exactly halfway and the other had a small chunk missing in the corner). I still think it was pretty awesome though. We also found HEAPS of old coins like pennies and half-pennies and even shillings! We have a blacksmith's house that's very small and next to our house (we own that too,m its about the size of two cubby houses put together). I have been digging up beer bottle after beer bottle under the floorboards along with coins, small rusty boxes and even a badge for 'Save the Children Fund 1956'. I desperately want to fix the house up because the door is off its hinges, half the floorboards are broken, an entire wall is gone, the windows are broken, an outside wall is breaking apart and the old stone fireplace is covered in mss and chipping everywhere. Also, the hearth has written 'Spriggs, 1937' on it. Its broken in half bugt hey! Its still cool! I don't want to take it out though because even though its broken I still think its historical.
    Anyway.. cool :)

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