View Full Version : Is my builder's HVAC company lazy/full of ? Help a newbie out please!

Feb 9, 2017, 03:55 PM
Hello there. I am currently struggling with a new home builder’s HVAC contractor to fix some brand new ductwork and I am looking just for a second opinion to spot check them. My issue is:

1. I have repetitive clicking/popping in my HVAC whenever the heat is running. The popping occurs roughly every 5-15 seconds and never stops.
2. After removing the drywall in my basement’s floor, the sound seems to be coming from the joint in the main long register, about halfway down the register.
3. The grey mastic/pookie surrounding the joint is already 33% of the way cracked after less than 3 months of real use.
4. The HVAC company remarked that the metal in the register/joint might just be defective and that “Some just show up from the factory like that”. Rather than replacing said metal, they are repeatedly trying to brace the register in 2 different rooms with horizontal metal bracers.

I am starting have incredible apprehension that the HVAC company is going to take the cheap route out, finish bracing the metal enough to not bother us (since its starting spring warm up) and then vanish until after my warranty is over.

My question to you is “Is it unusual that mastic/pookie is already cracked after 3 months? Will this provide a poor seal for air loss once the drywall is replaced? Finally- if you were in my shoes, would you personally mandate that the register be replaced or would you trust in the HVAC company’s expertise?”

THANK You so much in advance for your help.

Feb 9, 2017, 07:40 PM
You can find this problem with undersized returns and insufficient air flow. Negative pressure sucks the duct down and it "oil cans". Bracing can stiffen the duct. Have them do a water column test across the plenum. Have them put more mastic on.