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Aug 3, 2014, 12:11 AM
So this is the second tarantula I have found in my house, in my bedroom. Both dead, much to my peace of mind. Found another, just outside the house, dead, as well.

I have had professional pest control spray and happily, the few bugs I have seen have all been dead... so that seems to be working, but I'm wondering how they keep appearing. These are not small spiders, mind you... and I don't keep the doors open, so my only guess is that there is a nest inside the house somewhere.. Lovely thought.

Yes, I have Googled already, but interested in any suggestions. I know they are not harmful - I'm not allergic, but it is very disturbing when you go to reach for the "hair scrunchy" under the bed and wind up with a big furry, deal spider in your hand.

I live is southern Arizona, so after the recent rains I know it is common for them to appear, but again... IN THE HOUSE and in my bedroom, specifically.

Aug 3, 2014, 06:45 AM
I was going to ask where you live...but luckily you said it. Southern Arizona, most likely you are seeing the Aphonopelma chalcodes, aka Desert Blond, Arizona Blond. This is a harmless tarantula and incredibly common in Az. I even have one myself that I got while visiting my mother a few years ago.

So anyway, if these are not spiderlings, then there is no nest as tarantulas don't live together. They will live in the same area but will not share a den or a nest. I know that in the "monsoon season" they need to find cover because they generally live in holes that will fill with water. My guess is that these guys are coming in from somewhere to avoid drowning. It could be that you won't find more than the 2 you have...maybe you will find more but the 2 could be it. I would look for a place that they could be coming in. You say they have been in the bedroom...well check everywhere you can for some sort of opening...even walk the outside of your house and look for something.

I understand it may be un-nerving but at least you aren't dealing with your other popular Az spider...the Black Widow. The chalcodes is actually more scared of you than you are of it.

Good luck.

Aug 4, 2014, 12:07 AM
Well, it wasn't dead... lol. I did cover it with a vase when I first saw it and when I got home, after a 19 hour work day, the following morning...er, afternoon...I carefully slid it to the side and the little "guy?" moved, so I slid a thin cutting board under the vase and moved 'him' outside the house, to the edge of my yard... hopefully it eats a kissing bug or cockroach in return and doesn't return to my home. Not sure if the photo will upload or not, but thank you for the reply!

Aug 4, 2014, 08:20 AM
Yeah, can't see the photo. I'm figuring chalcodes because that is most common right there where you are. Should be a light tan with a slightly brown abdomen....they vary a little given their surroundings but that is their general coloring. Like I said, they are scared of you. People often think that since a spider may sit when you are near it, that it is staring you down. There have been studies that show that most spiders cannot really see. Apparently they see light, movement, and maybe a little color, but they can't see you to stare you down or stalk you. Their hunting is done through sensing vibration and the vibration from a human is more than they are willing to hunt. IF you happen to get bit (which is incredibly rare and could only happen by accident), the majority of their bites are dry in that they won't use venom. In the event that they would happen to inject you, the majority of bites from domestic tarantulas are claimed to be on the level of a bee sting.

Other than the ones that people in the hobby may have as pets, we don't have any potent tarantulas in this country (tarantulas from Mexico that could theoretically end up where you live are also easy going and have low potency venom). And even then, a potent tarantula (like certain species from Asia) won't kill you (a bite may make you wish you were dead for a few days) so there isn't much to worry about other than if their appearance creeps you out.