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Casey G
May 27, 2013, 03:07 AM
I had a rash during my pregnancy and was told it was PUPS which is simply a rash pregnant women get when their unborn child releases a hormone into the mothers blood and it makes a nasty rash on the skin. I was treated with steroids. After I gave birth I was good for a while. The last year, I have been in constant agony because I have red itchy bumps covering my body. I have seen dermatologist to allergist and I have taken steroids and antihistamines. No luck. I thought that I had the sad luck of having sensitive skin. I then started to realized that it was worst while I was at home. So I thought I was really allergic to something in my home until my husband started itching. WE can't have the same allergy. DING DING DING... we have a bigger issue... MITES. Since neither of us see the bugs we think they are microscopic. I itch constantly and rarely sleep. I have two small children in the home and I do not want them affected. Someone please help. No... it's not scabies.

May 27, 2013, 04:07 AM
Why the title about some university?
There are many kinds of mites (and scabies is one). How do you know it's not scabies?
The very worst one and impossible to eliminate is the bird mite, transmitted by birds.
Do you have or did you have any kind of pets at all?
Where do you live?
How long have you been in your house?
Have you bought any new or used furniture, rugs, etc.
Is your house wood floors or carpets?
I would start with your bedroom, since your children aren't itching yet.
Go over your mattress with a magnifying glass, literally, and some sticky tape, on a bright sunny day. If you can save a bug on tape, take it to an exterminator.

Consider getting rid of as much of your bedroom as you can afford.

May 27, 2013, 04:18 AM
It'll be kind of tough because they're so small and if you're as bad as you say you are the infestation is probably severe. Also not knowing what type of mite it is (there are so many types), makes it difficult to suggest a specific way of cleaning. Also it's possible that and your husband are just really sensitive to them so how far you go in to the cleaning scourge it up to you.

So first off vacuum everything you can at least twice. Next anything that you can wash: bedding, sofa covers, pillow cases, curtains --> wash them.
Once they're clean put them in a clean place until you're done with the rest of the cleaning. Stuffed animals might need to be put in plastic bags and left for a few weeks (similar to what you'd do for a lice infestation); but this is up to you if you vacuum them really well I think you should be all right.

If you have any animals, you'll want to wash them and reapply any anti flea medication and check their ears and between their paws for mite bites.

To clean the carpets you can use something like sterifab disinfectant in addition to vacuuming. There's also cedarcide which is good for cupboards and closets.

As for helping your itching, if the doctor hasn't prescribed something already you'll want to ask them for a recommendation for topical cremes which can prevent the itching and help get rid of them on your skin. Sulfur cremes and washes are especially good, but you don't want to take a very hot bath as it will make the itching and rash worse. Make sure when you dry off that the towels have been cleaned first.

Also check out this site: StopSkinMites.com - Treatments for Skin Mite infestation, Physical, Environmental, and Internal (http://stopskinmites.com/treatments) it has a ton of ways to help rid the pesky things from your home.

Good Luck!!

May 27, 2013, 05:32 AM
The other two answers had some good information, but one or two points need to be clarified.

Joypuly said bird mites cannot be eliminated. Removing the source of the infestation, whether it be a bird's nest on the eaves or in the attic or a squirrel's nest in the shrubbery or a rodent's nest in the crawlspace, will be the first step in getting rid of them. Without eliminating the source, bird mites are there to stay.

Dr. Gernald is fond of the Cedarcide website. Be aware that Cedarcide has not been approved for use as a miticide, nor is cedar oil considered safe for use during pregnancy.

Both are correct that deep cleaning is essential in any type of mite remediation. While pregnant, it would be best to confine pest control measures to environmental and thermal control. A HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner will speed up your cleaning considerably. Clothes and cushions that will fit in the oven will be mite free after four hours at 250 degrees. DON'T put foam rubber in the oven. Freeze it at zero Fahrenheit for the same four hours. Other materials that may not react well to extreme temperatures, such as polyester clothing, may need to be dry cleaned.

Calling an exterminator should be your last resort, but to get an identification of the mites when you find them it may be necessary. A complete eradication of the problem will require identifying the species, but you can do a lot right now.

May 27, 2013, 06:39 AM
Dr. Gernald is fond of the Cedarcide website. Be aware that Cedarcide has not been approved for use as a miticide, nor is cedar oil considered safe for use during pregnancy.

Excellent point. I totally overlooked that. Make sure that if you do use any type of chemical agent that it is safe for yourself and your unborn child!