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Jan 9, 2013, 10:26 AM
I have done 300 hours research on Bird Mites.

1. I have tried everything on every website possible to get rid of what I thought was bird mites:

Boric acid, Diatomaceous earth, Listerine, bleach, borax, windex, ammonia, tea tree oil, arid extra dry, lye soap, Ortho home pest control spray from Lowe's, bedbug spray, lice spray, eucalyptus oil all the types of foggers in cans that Lowe's sells, oxy clean, alcohol...

2. The pest control companies tried:

First Company:

- 4 weeks of fumigation with permetharin they wore mask and it was a fog in a big container that left black all over the place.

- 4 weeks of deltametharin spray and dust

Second Company:

- 4 weeks of suspend

- 4 weeks of onslaught

- 4 weeks of Demon WP spray

- 4 weeks Demon WP dust

I can't see the bugs, I feel them crawling on me, they bite and the bites stay for 3 to 4 weeks. They infested the carpet, clothes, curtains, bed, sofa, futon... anything that is made of cloth. They are most auspicious, they stay away from tile, wood and paper. I dry the clothes for 60 minutes after they are dry and they are still alive. I bought a freezer and froze them for a week on clothing and they lived with the freeze turned up to the max after sitting for several days first to reach the maximum coldest temperature. I sent it back. I put some clothes in my freezer for weeks and after about 15 minutes when I put the clothes on they start crawling all over me. I put freshly dried clothes in new space bags and vacuum the air out - when I open the bag a month later bugs are crawling all over me. My car is infested also... they do not bite my little Jeter, he is on heart guard and frontline plus. My friend's (Steve) mothers house and his house, his girlfriends house are infested (the one that gave me the infested clothes). My other friend took me to the cleaners with all my clothes after I sprayed them with onslaught and they were crawling all over us, he was pissed because I told him I killed the bugs. All my clothes are in the cleaners and I am afraid I am contaminating the cleaners because I did a test run and dry cleaning did not kill them. I can't bring the clothes home - may still be contaminated or will get re-contaminated. I thought I killed them before I took them because I used a gallon of onslaught on them. I am sure there is more that I am forgetting at the moment.

The pest control companies never tested the bugs and said they were bird mites. They dumped me and said they do not know what the bugs are and can't help me or refund my money.

Infinite love and gratitude for your assistance.

Feb 8, 2013, 01:28 PM
The operational word here is "microscopic."

Almost all bugs, insects, arachnids, and other crustacea are MACROscopic; they can be seen by eye (even if only when they move.) You may be looking for the wrong problem.

You say you've done considerable research. Have you ruled out environmental factors such as static electricity, dry skin rashes, fungus infections? The Tinea family of fungi, such as athlete's foot fungus, can act amazingly similar to bug bites and can also feel as if something was crawling as the fungus spreads.

Static charges can zap you several times in a row.

Skin rashes don't have to show irritated skin to affect the nerves that "feel" bites.

Feb 8, 2013, 03:58 PM
Did you get a prescription for Permethrin lotion and have someone apply it to your entire back from neck to ankles and you apply it to your front? Also ask for Ivermectin, a single oral dose.
Those are scabies treatments, a mite related to all other mites including bird mites.
I have not heard of a cure for bird mites other than throwing away everything you own and moving. They can live TEN MONTHS with no host.