View Full Version : Getting RID of bedbugs completely

Dec 15, 2012, 04:51 AM
I am sick and tired of bed bugs! Few months back we had done pest control, had called professionals for this work. Few days was OK. Then again, it got worse! Now, we painted, removed every little furniture for home, changed carpet and put vinyl flooring. Before putting the flooring we put some bed bug control balls in our entire home and went to stay else where. After 3 days, I can still see few bed bugs, and this is really disappointing as we spend lots and lots of money on new furniture etc. and threw away the previous ones.
Can someone help I need to know other method preferably natural as I have 1yr baby.

Thank you.

Dec 22, 2012, 08:04 PM
Bed Bugs can live behind wall sockets, pictures, mirror's, and along your baseboards. They get into drawers, shoes, etc. If your bed bug problem is not solved with complete treatment, you may have to have your home fumigated. It is expensive, typically $5,000.00. Or you can have all your belongings, furniture, etc. place in a trailer and have it fumigated. Bed bug infestation affects your entire home.