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Jul 31, 2012, 05:00 PM
See " http://www.ehow.com/how_6210573_rid-black-pepper-mites.html" for this.
I've had the same thing for months on end; nightmare. Went to dermatologists; they said it was a dermatitus needing special shampoos. Shampoos helped temporarily (kind of chemicals seemed to break down mite's resistance), but only for an hour or 2. Finally a doctor from Cornell Med. Knew the condition was due to a pest. However (being that this premeated my house), the pest came back after a day or 2, and the doctor thought that it upset the skin biology...
Found the best method of killing them is a mixture of Tea Tree oil, Lemongrass oil, Peppermint oil, Lavandar oil, cedar oil with Sandlewood oil to sooth the skin. Few drops in the tub will send the creatures off uour body into the water. Placing it in vitamin E oil for a rub lotion lills them, and maintains protection for quite some time. If your pores are very "infected" with them, you will feel a burning sensation (mainly Peppermint oil)heals until most of the creatures in the area of skin die; after which you will feel a soothing and exilerating feeling. You will find these things spread to the sexual organs; but the oil mixture is actually beneficial to humans though deadly to them (so don't be afraid of using this mixture "there") will be good to use anywhere for us. Mixture also has a pleasant smell.
There is an anti-tick/flea for animals called "Natural Defense" that uses some of the same oils. The bottle explains the bug's structure ensures the circulatory system is compromisex by these oils when it comes in contact with them. Good product; it does work pretty well.
Found Advantage for the cats help, but Revolution (prescribed by the vet) works better against mites.
Yes, they go into the car. The long lazting Raid bomb tends to kill them for quite a long while (car actually "feels clean" after it). But they return after a week or so (eggs hatch?).
Ended up shaving my head so they couldn't hide in the hair.
Still battling them. Exterminator also needed cor bedbig problem (nightmare! ), for ing out the mites so I can see them. They are tiny (1/3 of a millimeter), move relatively fast for their size, and jump high for their size when you try to catch them. I snuck up and caught one slowly putting scotch tape on it. Still have to show it to the exterminators. My friend thinks it is a rat mite.
Sulfur soap also works. Ivory (simple) soap helps...
So far, need more...