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new dad
Dec 4, 2004, 07:58 PM
We are feeding KMR to two kittens that are about 3-4 weeks old. They both weigh about 10 ounces and eat about 1/2 - 1 ounce of liquid formula twice a day. They have been urinating after every meal but we have not seen any signs of a bowel movement. We have tried to stimulate the rectum area to no avail. Neither kitten shows any recognizable signs of distress. Does KMR give sufficient nutrients to produce waste material or is it a completely digestible product?

A lady at Pet Smart stores told us that the kittens have to have a bowel movement at least once every day. If this is true, how do we get these kittens to comply?

I would appreciate any help you can give us.

New Dad

Dec 6, 2004, 10:59 AM
Hi New Dad,

Congratulations! Getting the kittens to stool AT LEAST once per day is very important. How long have you had them/been feeding them?

KMR can be constipating. Personally, I prefer Nurturall. You might try adding a little (just a few drops) of Karo syrup to the KMR to help with the stools. Also, try mixing it a little rich... that might help loosen up the stools. If they start having diarrhea, add more water...

Ask your vet for a homemade kitten formula recipe as well. I just haven't had much luck with KMR although some people do.

You might even try feeding more often (every 6 hours).

At this age, they should be starting to eliminate on their own. Look for stool in their bedding... they may be going on their own. Also, try soaking dry kitten food (preferably Iams kitten) in warm KMR until it is soggy. Mash it up with a fork and serve as canned food. If they are truly about 4 weeks of age, it is possible to get them started on solids. If they are more towards 3 weeks, don't try it quite yet.

Finding a balance can be hard when bottle feeding kittens. A little too much one way, they get diarrhea... a little too much the other way, they get constipated.

I hope my suggestions help.