View Full Version : Replacing an electrical wall heater in single wide mobile home to Gas Heat

Dec 27, 2006, 03:32 PM
One of the single wide mobile homes in the park I supervise has an electrical wall heater and the elctrical bills have been astronomical, due probably to the poor insulation. Another reason, I guess, could be the age of the heater.

The HVAC people that work for us told us that there is no problem with the unit and they suggested though to look into putting a gas unit.

My concern is that gas units have different code requirements than electrical, such as the 3inch space on each side and the 6 inches from the door and 30 inches space in front to service the unit. There is 30inches space ( it's located in the hall way of the MH) but there is no 3 inches inside the space.

Another issue that comes into my mind is that electrical units have different technical requirements as far as air intake etc.

My question is: Can we replace the unit electrical with gas unit , and do they manufacture gas units for MH that can replace electrical units, and does the code permits that?

Any other advice is welcomed.



Dec 27, 2006, 04:41 PM
I will send a copy of this over to the HVAC forum as I am only an electrician and cannot answer most of your questions.

Any gas unit will draw much less than any electric heater, so power capacity should be no problem.

The spacing that a gas unit needs usually means to keep a fair clearance from combustible, however if fire rated drywall is used, perhaps the unit can be closer.

The lack of insulation is going to be an issue no matter that heating system. Adding humidity always helps with keep the space warm, and electric heat is notorious for being bone dry.

There are some here in electric that may be able to help some also.

This is the best I can offer for now, I believe you will get more help over at HVAC, have a nice ride.