View Full Version : Gas Furnace needs reset button pushed to work

Dec 13, 2006, 10:16 PM
1983 - Natural Gas - Rheem Furnace
Model #RCDA-100C-ER

Originally the furnace blower would not come on. I called a technician who pushed a reset button. He mentioned something about the air fuel mixture and that a gust of wind could have tripped the furnace off. Pushing the button worked for a few days. Furnace stopped working again. I took off the front cover (location is at the top of the front of the furnace when taken off you can see the pilot light and burners, etc.) If this is left off the furnace, it makes the furnace work. But even with the cover off, sometimes the furnace will not work, and I have to push the reset button and leave off the top cover to get it to kick on. This will work for a while. If it stops working again, the last resort is to tap on the various wires and components of the furnace to make it kick on. I am pretty sure that something needs to be fixed here. Im also pretty sure that this not a safe method to make the furnace work. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Dec 13, 2006, 10:42 PM
Call a different service company to start with. Have them check for a defective heat exchanger. Then have them check the flue for blockage. You are operating the furnace in a very dangerous way.