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Jun 16, 2010, 09:58 PM
This question is a little different from the usual. I have this fiberglass camper. And it has a closet. I want to put an air conditioner inside this closet (sticking out the front of course). Now, I know that window air conditioners hang outside because they exhaust the hot air, but they also have an outdoor air intake on the back (or top, side etc). I've done some research and some camper owners like me, cut a hole in the side of the camper and put in a vent cover of some sort (to stop rain and other critters from getting it) and that's it, and they seem to work (keep in mind the window air conditioner doesn't actually stick out of the this vent, its just in the closet and that vent cover allows for passive air movement, if that makes sense).

What I want to do is mount it in the closet, and inside the closet as well is a 50 cfm bathroom fan with a 4" exhaust vent (just like a house) to remove the hot air to the outside of the camper. And then also have a passive air intake for make up air on the outside. So the camper would have 2, 4" vents. One with an active bathroom exhaust fan, and the other, basically a screened intake. And the installation of the AC in the closet will be somewhat sealed, so that very little camper interior air will be "sucked in". That air is for the intake on the front after all.

So my question is this. If you installed an air conditioner inside an enclosed space like this, and using a bathroom exhaust fan, could that fan do two things. One, exhaust the heat from the AC effectively, and two, create enough negative pressure to suck air into the intake as described above?

I know, long post and probably confusing as all heck. If you are unsure as to what I'm talking about please post and let me know. Anyway, thanks again guys!

Jun 17, 2010, 06:31 AM
Can`t see it working. Don`t think a 4 inch vet is nowhere close to being big enough to get exhast the hot air that a window a/c puts out,, the system would overheat in a very big way, sorry,, maybe others will have some input that will help you

Jun 17, 2010, 07:07 AM
That's okay, that's what I'm hear for. But my logic is that bathroom fan exhausts at 50 cubic feet per minute. And the AC's enclosed space at the most might be 3 cubic feet. I don't think there is specs anywhere that'll tell you the cubic feet per minute output of a window AC, maybe I'm wrong. And remember, it's a 4" vent, but the fan is larger than that.

I was also going to construct a sort of baffle to try to direct intake air to the intake and the hot air to the bathroom fan.