So me and my boyfriend has been dating for almost 2 years. We've only had sex twice. We tried to develop a friendship before we deicde to have serious relationship. We recently had a conversation about aresex life. He told me that we have a issue with our sex life. He told me that I am very inexperienced and he is very experience so it's a lot I have to learn and its hard because he's not easily turned on. He said he's been wanting to talk to me but he didn't know how. Now when he said that my confidence level went down. So I told him how am I going to give him what he want if we don't talk about, he don't tell me what he like, wants, or turns him on. Now I'm going crazy trying to find ways to catch him by surprise and give it to him like he never expect me to. I've bought toys, porn movies, and is currently reading a book about men and sex. It obvious that we are both umcomfortable with subject but I want to get over the nearvousness and put it on him especially since he says I'm inexperienced. So my questions are:

1. How do I initiate sex to him?
2.what do men like?
3. what don't men like?
What are things I should do to make him want it?
4. what should I do to let him know I want it?
5. what are ways to get me comfortable to initiate sex with him?