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    How I lightened 3 shades [Skin Regime]

    Asked Dec 28, 2009, 08:15 AM 53 Answers
    I was requested by fellow members to detail my skin lightening routine, if you saw my photos, I have lightened considerably over about a 2.5 month time.

    Let me start by saying I use a lot of products, but the ones I attribute my success to are mequinol and tretenoin. But I'll give you the full list of everything I use.

    Mequinol 10%
    Tretenoin 0.1%
    Bio Claire lightening soap
    Lactic Acid 70%
    Microdelivery Exfoliating wash

    First off, I never use mequinol alone, I always mix it with tretenoin. I get about a pea size amount and put it on my face one a day at night. With NOTHING else. In the morning I wash my face with bioclaire lightening soap, I honestly don't believe the bioclaire soap even works, I just use it because I spent money on it. When I am done, I dry my face, and apply dermowhite, which does not work that great, however, it moisturizes the skin and it does fade hyperpigmentation even in the slightest, I will take what I can get, but it does moisturize well; and you'll need it because the mequinol and tretenoin dry and peel the skin and make it sensitive. I then apply bio-oil, the bio-oil helps with scarring and it also makes me skin feel moist, which helps with the peeling process. You want to keep your face moist when peeling, it lessens the chance of scars. At night, I wash my face with the Microdelivery wash, this is an EXCELLENT exfolliator, it's kind of pricey, but all their products are really good, you can buy this at Sephora, it removes all the dead pre-peeled skin from your face thoroughly, but gently. This helps the mequinol and tretenoin penetrate deeper when it is put on. When you start this regimine, especially with tretenoin, it is important you put it on everyday, so your skin gets comfortable with the idea of peeling, if you put tretenoin on willy-nilly your skin has to keep starting over from scratch in the peel process. Tretenoin burns at first, but your skin will get used to it, putting this one is the most important part of the lightening process. You could stick your head in a tub of mequinol but if it can't penetrate deep enough it's useless, this is what the tretenoin is for. For the first week, I used the mequinol everyday. The second week I used it 3 times a day. Mequinol mixed with tretenoin is suppose to be at 2%, the only mequinol I could obtain is 10%. I recommend you not use this more than three times a week. It's strong, it burns and there is a risk of depignmentation. After my skin had accustomed to the skin reigime and was not longer tender, I did a 70% lactic acid peel, once every two weeks, and then once a week. I have been doing my own lactic acid peels prior to beginning this regime, so my skin is more than accused to this kind of treatment so it handled well like it always does. What's good about lactic acid is that it does not peel the skin. As far as using lactic acid, go at your own pace if you haven't used it before, it doesn't burn that bad at all, and it mild enough that you can do it yourself. But since your skin will be sensitive because of the mequinol and tretenoin use at your disgression. As for my body, i.e. my chest and neck area, I did the same, except I didn't do a lactic acid peel on my neck.

    1.lightens the skin
    2.fades scars
    3.No spotting that has been described with those who use mono

    1.burns like hell
    2.the lightening you get from mequinol is kind of this ashen pale, kind of like you've been left out in the cold too long, as opposed to looking naturally mixed race.
    3.Mequinol is 10% and not 2%
    4.Lots of peeling
    5.Tretenoin can for the first week make you break out because it brings the dirt and oil to the surface
    6.I can only find one site that sells mequinol and they charge ridiculous amounts in s&H
    7.Using mequinol is trial by fire, meaning that you have to hope for the best, it needs to be used with mequinol for nondepigmentation,but the ratio is sketchy, I just used what worked for me. I do not know what will work for you. You could lighten, or you might ruin your skin. BE CAREFUL

    That's all I can think for right now, if you have any questions or if I was not thorough enough in areas let me know.

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    53 Answers
    imgorgeous's Avatar
    imgorgeous Posts: 385, Reputation: 14
    Full Member

    Apr 16, 2010, 05:43 PM

    @ partygod - do you know anyone whom Mequinol has made extremely pale in the past ?

    I don't ! Dessaml has seen lightening and that's great but I don't think it's that significant ?
    partygod's Avatar
    partygod Posts: 30, Reputation: 1
    Junior Member

    Apr 16, 2010, 06:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by imgorgeous View Post
    @ partygod - do you know anyone whom Mequinol has made extremely pale in the past ?

    I dont ! Dessaml has seen lightening and thats great but I dont think its that significant ?
    How long has Dessaml been using Mequinol?you have to be using that stuff for a very long time to get very pale. She's only been using it for 2.5 months.

    It took Michael Jackson like a year plus to completely depigment. I've been using fair and flawless for a month and a half and I have seen a significant change in my skin tone at least 2 shades! If I continue I'm sure I'll get lighter... but I cant afford fair and flawless and the ingredients in the fair and flawless products cannot dipigment! Mequinol can make you very pale its documented as a DIPIGMENTING AGENT!! If you want to get extremely pale you have to use it for 6 months consistently and avoid sun exposure!

    The people you're talking about... did they use it for six months consistently and avoid sun exposure??
    imgorgeous's Avatar
    imgorgeous Posts: 385, Reputation: 14
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    Apr 17, 2010, 04:28 AM

    partygod - you may have a point. But when you say depig... you know there is a risk to patch up ? And since its slower than mono, you may be struggling with those patches for years before you depig completely ?
    mistyjane's Avatar
    mistyjane Posts: 271, Reputation: 59
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    Apr 20, 2010, 04:09 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by partygod View Post
    That's great mistyjane!! Thanks... and the best thing is that Mequinol is a great skin lighter/depigmentor and SO AFFORDABLE AT THE SAME TIME... I love that your lips are pink!. fair and flawless did that for me and I was absolutely over the moon about it!. I think though... as much at the retin A might be helpful in assisting your skin lightening efforts it might be a hindrance as well... I mean it helps the Mequinol penetrate through the hard and horny layer of the skin and all... but at the same time its just another layer between the skin and the mequinol! I could be very wrong!

    A few more questions if you don't mind... you have no idea how much I appreciate this...

    1) Do you apply 10% Mequinol to your entire body?
    2) how long would you say one 20gr tube of mequinol last?
    3) do you apply Retin A on your entire body as well or just your face?

    We can both agree on this this is an excellent skin lightener! And it can make you very very pale... which is what I want!!

    Thank you!!
    1)No just on my face and my back cause I don't want to use it too much on a very large area since it goes in the blood.
    And my body is lighter than my face.
    2)i would say 1 month since I don't use it on the entire body.
    3)Inever put mequinol on my skin without mixing it with retin a.
    we can both agree on this this is an excellent skin lightener! And it can make you very very pale... which is what I want!!
    I'm not sure it is that excellent yet.
    And I don't know if it will make me very pale which isn't what I want cause I don't think it will suit my features.
    I can just say that it is slowly working and that I'm happy with it.

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