We are redoing our shower, the contractor walked out on us after three days. Then found out his license had expired in 2007... wonderful! Bad experience from the get go, should have relied on my gut instincts instead of giving him a second chance on the very first day!

So we are finishing it ourselves. Had a plumber come in first and he put a new 2 piece PVC drain so it was ready for the contractor. The contractor mudded the pan, put the vinyl liner (blue) down and placed the first part of the drain over it. So the first stage of the pan was done. I am assuming the contractor did not plug up the weep holes during this process.

My husband and I laid the second layer of mud on top of the liner and sloped etc. Now I read about the weep holes and keeping them open. I saw in some videos as well as read about a clear plastic disk was put around the drain before the final layer of mud is put down?

We didn't put down that clear plastic disk... is this a must or just something some do?


Here is a picture of the floor before we put the second layer of mud on it. Brown water proof paper is taped down to protect the vinyl liner in this photo so you can't see the ring at the bottom of the drain.

Please if anyone could advise me here if we messed up, it would be greatly appreciated...

Just found another picture on the web where the guy use spacers around the drain prior to the final layer of mud. We are going to have to rip the floor out around the drain aren't we?