My husband is always accusing me of cheating with almost anyone, he is verry jealous too. But the most discusting part about it is he accuses me of doing things with my own DAD. You know how sick that is I cant take this anymore. I love my husband and all but this is everyday. And he even gets into details did you like this did you like that... I cant even explain it I go through this everyday, I cant do anything when my husband isint home I cant shower cant go on the PC, he checks my contacts on my cell who I call and all, I cant go anywher ebcuz if I do he will accuse me of cheating on him and will leave me... BUT when he goes somewhere without telling me like right now he is gone he just takes our car and leaves and I don't complain where he is or what he is doing because it won't do anygood. I really had enough but I cant leave him I love him plus I'm 5months pregnant and I see a counsler for depression.