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Dark circles and puffy eyes since last 5-6 months
Asked by shradha87, Today 01:56 AM in Other Health & Wellness
Hello doctor I am shradha from india. I'm female 27 yrs age. Its been last 5 months I have dark circles and puffy eyes. I had big round eyes but now...
Asked by Jason2427, Yesterday 08:15 PM in Women's Health
I have white discharge every now n then but no burn feel when I pee no different feeling no smell just every now and then n it only happens when I...
Using monobenzone for three days? Please help
Asked by melodynicole, Apr 15, 2014 08:36 PM in Skin Lightening
Okay so ordered a monobenzone and have been using it for about three days now. I am half italian/hispanic and have fairly light skin already with an...
Is glutathione for liver protection or skin whitening
Asked by Adhis, Yesterday 06:13 PM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
I would like to take glutathione for liver protection yet am worried that it's a skin lightened too?
Will I test positive for alcohol with non alcoholic beer in 24 hrs
Asked by ewak186, Yesterday 05:21 PM in Addictions
I had 4 bucklers beers and 24hrs later did a urine test. Will I test positive for alcohol?
Asked by Ineedhelp1157, Yesterday 04:45 PM in Child & Teen Health
I'm 13 ,14 on June 27th and I'm worried about my period all my friends have it and I know that everyone develops in their own time but I'm developing...
Back pain
Asked by Ineedhelp1157, Yesterday 04:42 PM in Child & Teen Health
I have short lower - middle back problems they're getting worse and more often I'm 13 (14 June 27 ) what shall I do
Oxycodone/Hair Follicle
Asked by ashleyjade90, Yesterday 11:29 AM in Addictions
I had previously taken a hair follicle test (extended panel opiates). About a month ago, I had ingested 40mgs of oxycodone. I was taking 5mgs ...
Asked by busymomma2013, Yesterday 03:37 PM in Women's Health
I went to my doctor last Wednesday for pain/tenderness in my left breast. Sometimes it is swollen and hot to the touch. My doctor found a lump at...
Im I Pregnant
Asked by EsteBezuidenhou, Yesterday 12:26 AM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
Hi, I normally have a 26 day cycle. I have been using clomid for 3 months now. The First day of my last "real" cycle was 20 March 2014. On the 16th...
Brown ejacalent
Asked by LTA, Yesterday 03:30 PM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
I have brown ejacalent. I do not know if it was a cause of two other problems.Nine weeks ago They found peri anal abscess A long side my colon, They...
How do you make eyeshadow waterproof
Asked by miss1989, Apr 21, 2014 05:25 PM in Beauty
Hi all I have a TFP Photoshoot coming up and it's at the beach it will require me coming in and out of the water dunking my head etc so my face...
Is there any side effects?
Asked by RAKND003, Apr 21, 2014 06:32 PM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
My first pregnancy was terminated due to fetal cardiac anomalies one year earlier. My last period date was 03 Mar 14 and next expected date was 03...
Qcf question
Asked by stacey edgell, Yesterday 03:01 PM in Health Care Administration
How can I describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals rights
How do I stop feeling like this
Asked by Noone2014, Apr 21, 2014 03:57 PM in Mental & Emotional Health
I feel like my life is such a waste, all I do is make everyone around me feel sad or angry. I don't want to be here anymore. I hate being around...
Depo and Pregnancy
Asked by Acelin11, Yesterday 07:54 AM in Women's Health
Hello my name is Meghan I'm wondering what chance it is of me being pregnant.. I'm currently taking Depo injections I was 2 weeks late receiving my...
How can I download audiobooks from our public library program R.E.A.D.S TN
Asked by lindalang, Yesterday 11:56 AM in Fitness
How do I download audiobooks from our public library program R.E.A.D.S TN
Piercings, which one to get?
Asked by 12bob12, Yesterday 04:37 AM in Beauty
I already have my first and second lobes and my tragus pierced but I want another piercing which is clamp-free which one should I get? Have you got...
Why am I spotting? Is there any possibility I'm pregnant?
Asked by jazzzrubio, Apr 21, 2014 05:00 PM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
Okay so I ended my period and had unprotected sex 2 days after it was finished.. The next day I drank alcohol.. and the day after I noticed I was...
White discharge
Asked by Laurenlauren, Apr 21, 2014 09:55 PM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
Hi. I have been getting a white discharge in my vagina every since I had glandular fever. I also am getting a sticky white substance in my mouth as...

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