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a/c & heating Problem
Asked by ncguyx, Today 03:45 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Thermostat fails top turn on heat or a/c
Removal of baffle
Asked by vl1996, Today 02:05 AM in Auto & Motorcycle Racing
I have a 2003 Honda CRF 230f and I have removed the baffle. Will this ruin the bike in anyway in the long or short term as I am a bit unsure. Thank you
Please Help
Asked by Marilyn_Fran, Today 12:50 AM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
I started taking Lo Loestrin Fe on March 9th, 2014 & started my period on March 14th and bled exactly for 27 days(4/9/14). Then had intercourse on April 11th & April 22nd. Could I be pregnant? My...
Wisconsin Probation Laws
Asked by riverway00, Today 12:09 AM in Criminal Law
My nephew is on probation in the state of Wisconsin. He suffered head injuries in a car accident 10 years ago and has a mental iq of a 12 year old thinking. He does not understand the importance of...
Leak from the cold faucet behind the shower wall
Asked by youngtheking, Yesterday 08:24 PM in Plumbing
The leak on the left pipe. It seems repaired by someone else in past. I don't know if it is fixed properly. How much do you think a plumber will charge me for the repair?45952
Intermediate accounting question
Asked by liangn58, Yesterday 07:21 PM in Accounting
wendell corporation exchanged an old truck and 25500 cash for a new truck. The old truck had a book value of 6000(original cost of 25000 less 19000 in accumulated depreciation) and a fair value of...
If debt $1500, common stock $75,Paid in capital $300, retained earnings $1125
Asked by nehanika, Yesterday 06:58 PM in Finance
If stock dividend is 6%. Debt 1500, common stock (75 million share outstanding , $1 per share) , paid in capital 300 , retained earning 1125 which means total liabilities and equity $3000, then what...
Any Tax Problem doing this
Asked by catonsville, Yesterday 06:25 PM in Real Estate
I have a second home in SC near the beach. Since we don't use it like one week a year now, it is a negative cash burden. Two of my kids would rather I start renting it out. My idea would be to...
457 Visa Sponsorship
Asked by swikar, Yesterday 06:19 PM in Small Business
Hi, I am Swikar. I have done advance diploma of management. I am currently looking for employer sponsorship. I have one offer from Bottle shop and is ready to sponsor me as customer service...
By 750 CE, the Muslim Empire extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the __________ River
Asked by Maloonriku, Yesterday 05:31 PM in Islam
Please someone helllp