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I thought I lost my marriage
Asked by Marcilossy, Today 03:16 AM in Marriage
My husband has abandon me and the kids for the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he was hold on by a woman whom he just met, for that, myself and the kids has been suffering and it...
Dark circles and puffy eyes since last 5-6 months
Asked by shradha87, Today 01:56 AM in Other Health & Wellness
Hello doctor I am shradha from india. I'm female 27 yrs age. Its been last 5 months I have dark circles and puffy eyes. I had big round eyes but now its getting smaller and swollen. I don't have any...
Backed up drains, washing machine and shower
Asked by fyrfytr, Yesterday 11:58 PM in Plumbing
I am assuming that the two drains are tied together since no other drain in the house is having issues. For years we have been having issues with the shower drain backing up, but usually a good...
Deceased parents equity line of credit
Asked by minniemom1920, Yesterday 11:26 PM in Real Estate Law
My parents are deceased now. I didn't have to go through Probate for there home due to me being on Title of house. I received a bill from Beneficial stating that my parents had lien on home, so when...
Why resistor add over head crane
Asked by laksha, Yesterday 11:09 PM in Electrical & Lighting
Why resistor add over head crane and how to check its over load relay function its ng or good
Can I use vinegar and backing soda in a basement shower
Asked by Gholar, Yesterday 07:35 PM in Plumbing
Sewer water backs up in basement shower
Is glutathione for liver protection or skin whitening
Asked by Adhis, Yesterday 06:13 PM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
I would like to take glutathione for liver protection yet am worried that it's a skin lightened too?
Music video where a boy and a girl are running through a house
Asked by sslee, Yesterday 05:24 PM in Songs
The music video has a boy and a girl running through a house and opening doors while singing and they never run into each other. Pretty sure it's a duet. Can somebody please tell me the title of...
What is the title of the music video with a woman using pink boxing gloves?
Asked by Kurbinstar, Yesterday 05:04 PM in Songs
The performer is a white female, she is wearing pink boxing gloves, and there are comic book-like effects happening when she punches.
Brown ejacalent
Asked by LTA, Yesterday 03:30 PM in Medical Conditions & Diseases
I have brown ejacalent. I do not know if it was a cause of two other problems.Nine weeks ago They found peri anal abscess A long side my colon, They thought it could have started from an affected...