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Computer stays black screen after startup.
Asked by hokiluki, Today 09:39 PM in Computers for Beginners
So I start the computer and after it shows the start up sign the computer just goes to a black screen. It doesn't go to the start up screen and it just keeps loading. Any help?
What's that movie?
Asked by Wnegron, Today 07:22 PM in Entertaining
I remember watching a movie about mental patients that begin to run a business from the asylum. The clearest thing I remember is that one of the patients would say phrases like "hi" and "how are you"...
Asking for movie title
Asked by jeunesse-adeel, Today 05:01 PM in Children
I am looking for a movie for a kid grew up by a smart grandfather , and that kid will be one time in the casino to play the moon against gambler, and he does not see the movements of the hands of the...
Trouble wiring a Goodman 2 ton package unit outside cooling fan.
Asked by Jdubb4981, Today 10:32 AM in Heating & Air Conditioning
Ive had to go behind someone's work. Im trying to figure out how to wire a cooling fan. Coming from the unit is 3 wires. Two of the wires one brown the other purple are coming from the capacitor. The...
Kenmore elite dryer that won't heat or spin
Asked by Dan Lipsey, Today 05:24 AM in Appliances
I have a Kenmore elite (smartheat QuietPak 9)dryer that will not spine or heat. The heat went first than after one cycle it quit turning. All the selections seem to work as they are suppose to Any...
Find old movies by description
Asked by BusterTNE, Today 05:14 AM in Movies
Four cadets in military academy and there were some girl friends. A few shots around dorm room window. I don't remember it being a musical but there was some singing and I remember it being black and...
I had unprotected sex last night and am scheduled to get nexplannon tomorrow afternoo
Asked by beautyinbeast, Yesterday 08:31 PM in Pregnancy & New Motherhood
I had unprotected sex last night and am scheduled to get nexplannon tomorrow afternoon.. but what would happen if I ended up pregnant after getting the implant? Would it hurt the baby? What should I...
Troy bilt super bronco 13bx60tg766 upper drive belt tension
Asked by SundieHouse, Yesterday 02:45 PM in Tools & Power Equipment
We have replaced the upper drive belt and it is loose. Is there a way to adjust the tension on this belt? Also would like to know how to adjust tension on the deck belt as well.
Know title and lyrics. Who sang this song?
Asked by CWH68, Yesterday 12:35 PM in Songs
This pop song came out between 1981 & 1984. It's called "Face to Face". The lyrics start like this: "Face to face. Every day. Face to face. Eye to eye. Face to face. Young dog's in love...." ...
Yiddish artist Vidnitsky
Asked by tobahinda, Yesterday 11:34 AM in Art
I am trying to upload a picture by w. Vidnitsky. Polish artist. Anyone recognize the name?