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Zuni jewelry cuff bracelet
Asked by Ibmindful, Today 05:04 PM in Jewelry
Here is a picture of a signature on my Zuni cuff bracelet called Cosmos. Please help me identify the artist. I purchased this bracelet in 1978. The...
Identify signature navajo
Asked by susan journet, Today 04:37 PM in Jewelry
I own quite a few pieces of jewelry bought on the navajo reservation in Arizona. Id like to know the name of the artist. The mark is a five pointed...
Old anime movie
Asked by irobi, Apr 19, 2014 11:28 AM in Movies
Hello there guys. I was trying to identify an old anime movie that I watched as kid, cannot remember a lot of the plot, had to be with some kind of...
Song by music video
Asked by ShutterX, Today 10:44 AM in Songs
I am searching for a song, with a clown or a mime in it. The clown/mime is an older man. At the end of the music video he sits in a room in front of...
Which song is it?
Asked by fereniki, Today 10:30 AM in Songs
The video starts with a car entering a 'yard' of a big house,where a sexy blond woman is sitting wearing a blue shirt and black underwear.then the...
Movie about robot bugs
Asked by rhondacozart, Today 08:16 AM in Science Fiction & Fantasy
It's a movie in the 80s about bugs robots made to kill
How to I authenticate an oil painting
Asked by Amiej, Today 07:27 AM in Art
I have an oil painting that has what looks like the name Schall on the bottom left corner. Is it a Jean Frederic Schall? It is a canal in Italy...
Trying to find movie name?
Asked by sara2020, Apr 19, 2014 09:34 PM in Movies
I remember watching a movie on TV like 6 years ago, and I am tying to find the name of it. I remember it took place in England or somewhere in the...
Music video where a boy and a girl are running through a house
Asked by sslee, Yesterday 05:24 PM in Songs
The music video has a boy and a girl running through a house and opening doors while singing and they never run into each other. Pretty sure it's a...
What is the title of the music video with a woman using pink boxing gloves?
Asked by Kurbinstar, Yesterday 05:04 PM in Songs
The performer is a white female, she is wearing pink boxing gloves, and there are comic book-like effects happening when she punches.
Looking for 90s movie with motocross chase
Asked by Marija87, Yesterday 03:30 PM in Movies
I think the main character was called Joshua. One part of the movie was placed on a mountain and there were scenes with Motocross chase. The film...
National sewing machine serial numbers
Asked by Lou Ann, Mar 31, 2013 04:13 PM in Other Collectibles
I have a national sewing machine, two spool model with serial # H37250. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth?
Looking for a list of animes with GOD centered theme.
Asked by evasimbiot, Apr 21, 2014 07:51 AM in Television
I am looking for a list of animes with GOD themes-not a vague mention like dragonball Z, but main theme; like My Goddess or Kami Chu or Noragami....
I acquired this bracelet at an auction. Does anyone know the retail value ?
Asked by bbobhutto, Jan 17, 2011 09:56 PM in Jewelry
The bracelet has 4 panels each depicting a scene of a man and a donkey. It is from Jalisco, Guadalahara, Mexico. I do not know who the 19 in the...
Movie Name? British, niece? Moves in to help care for elderly aunt? Helps get her up
Asked by TinySpock, Apr 21, 2014 08:31 PM in Movies
I just loved this movie! (Dark haired actress) plays niece, I think, who moves in her elderly aunt's house only to find that everyone is just...
Looking for a movie and cant remember the title!
Asked by tigers411, Apr 21, 2014 05:41 PM in Movies
I saw a movie about 5 years ago from redbox about a young pregnant woman who gets fired from her job and tries to decide whether to get an abortion...
Describe a film and find it.
Asked by xxdllxx, Apr 21, 2014 03:15 PM in Movies
A couple tried setting their best friends up but didn't work and ended up hating each other they were both god parents of the couples daughter...
Help me identify this work of art
Asked by carolinajule, Apr 21, 2014 03:13 PM in Art
Can someone help me identify the name of this piece of art and the name of the artist? The kaleidoscope is mine, but I want to give appropriate...
Name this movie pleasee!
Asked by moesh1234567, Apr 21, 2014 02:08 PM in Movies
Hey.. I know its kind of stupid I watched a part of a movie once, of course R rated, about a guy who's friend (girl) is a science geek who is trying...
Upside down signature
Asked by texasfern, Apr 21, 2014 10:18 AM in Art
I have an abstract painting which I have been unable to identify. The artist signature is signed upside down in lower left corner picture. The...

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